Eton Properties Visits VR Live Park, Showing a Great Interest in “VR e-Sports and the VR Education Industry

On July 26, officials of Eton Properties, a subsidiary of LT Group, showed great interest in VR e-sports and the VR education industry and had visited VR Live Park equipped with relevant patented techniques.

Eton Properties, a large-scale real estate brand, possesses extensive land in the Philippines. It is one of the top-tier companies in the Philippines that are pursuing a variety of real estate development projects, including the development of high passes and high-rise dwellings, offices and commercial centers

In addition to the real estate business, Eton Properties is also looking into the business value of the e-sports market. It sponsors a number of game companies with great interest in the game industry. In particular, it is highly interested in the VR industry. On July 26, the owner family members visited VR Live Park, a Moiin-run large-scale theme park, and checked the patented technology of the Full Body Motion Tracking system.

Eton Properties said that it had great interest in the technology of Moiin that owns the Full Body Motion Tracking system, and expected it to actualize realistic virtual reality through the technology. A foundation for the e-sports is expected to be established by combining VR, the key technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with Moiin’s patented technology so that people in the Philippines can enjoy the VR-based e-sports.

The Full Body Motion Tracking system can be utilized not only in the game industry but also for educational VR-based experiential learning. It has boundless potential in the field of education that will allow people to experience things they can hardly go through in real life, such as disaster safety experience, work experience, and ocean exploration, through virtual reality.

The patented Full Body Motion Tracking technology is a third-generation VR technology that allows users to freely walk, run, and interact, instead of simply sitting and watching.

The existing optical motion tracking methods require optical cameras to be installed in the entire experience space. As a result, not only do the system costs increase, but blind spots and area limitations occur. Our Full Body Motion Tracking technology, which can serve as a solution to these problems, replaces the data processed by the existing optical equipment with a sensor-combined hybrid form.

When the users move after wearing the equipment, their movements are linked with those of the characters in the game in real time through the IMU sensor. Afterwards, the information such as the users’ movements are calibrated in real time with software to reduce errors within 1 cm. VR Live Park’s Full Body Motion Tracking eliminates spatial restrictions, so that the users can freely act in broader space and experience a new world.

This patented technology has potential for the limitless development of VR games and educational content. Currently, VR Live Park is also developing VR games combined with various Full Body Motion Tracking technologies, such as Jurassic experience programs, survival games, shooting games, and ocean experience programs.

Eton Group’s owner family members watched the latest Full Body Motion Tracking technology in the open space of VR Live Park located in KINTEX Ⅱ. Four players wearing the Full Body Motion Tracking suit demonstrated a doubles survival game. Our current focus is on developing original technology and conducting field tests so that players can enjoy not only this Full Body Motion Tracking-based FPS games in the form of multiplayer games in open areas but also VR-based educational content, work training, military training, and e-sports without spatial restrictions.

If the Full Body Motion Tracking-based games successfully are commercialized, this technology can be the key to speed up the popularization of virtual reality through VR-based e-sports that can take place everywhere in the near future. “We will examine active support and collaboration to promote the industrialization of VR e-sports and VR education in the Philippines through the exceptional patented VR technology of VR Live Park” said Eton Properties officials.