[VR Space for Experiencing Your Neighborhood] There Is No Virtual Reality More Realistic Than Ours!

[VR Space for Experiencing Your Neighborhood] There Is No Virtual Reality More Realistic Than Ours!

2018-06-08 16:49:53

As the abbreviation for virtual reality, VR is an advanced technology that allows users to experience an interactive computer-generated world within a simulated environment. A head-mounted display (HMD) is also used for the experience. Recently, as the VR experience programs have been popular, the number of spaces for VR experience is also increasing in our neighborhood.


Camp VR of Western Dom in Ilsan

Come and enjoy the VR Survival Game that features 360-degree motion recognition.

Camp VR is a VR experience space, which develops and operates a variety of VR content by itself, and its headquarters is Western Dome located in Ilsan. VR Survival Game, its major content, is a shooting game equipped with 360-degree motion recognition. It acts not only as a one player game but also a multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) game that can be enjoyed by up to four people. In addition, it consists of VR Racing (cars, bikes, airplanes, etc.), VR Horror Experience, and VR Attraction for experiencing a Viking ship ride, a roller coaster, etc., as well as VR animations for kids. At present, a 50%-discount event is underway to celebrate its launch. The Free Pass ticket is available for KRW 14,500 (KRW 19,500 on weekends); “Big 3” for three experiences, including Survival Game, is available for KRW 6,000 (excluding weekends); and Survival Game which costs KRW 6,000 for one-time admission. Snacks and drinks, such as pizza, are also available.


VR ZONE CUBE of Western Dom in Ilsan

Come and enjoy simulator-combined shooting games.

VR ZONE CUBE, located in Western Dome in Ilsan, is a place for arcade games such as VR roller coasters, Viking ships, zombie and dinosaur FPS games, horse racing, etc. as well as adventure games such as aerial experience and ghost hunting, sports such as squash and baseball, and coin VR games for kids such as Doti & Jamtteul. The most popular content here is Hunted 2 (zombie FPS game), which allows players to feel the vibration while shooting due to the combined simulator.

Fees are as follows: the FPS game costs KRW 9,000 for one-time admission; Doti & Jamtteul costs KRW 2,000 for one-time admission; three passes are available for KRW 15,000 (KRW 13,000 for children); five passes are for KRW 20,000 (KRW 18,000 for children); and KRW 5,000 is added per additional game. One movie ticket is presented to customers who buy five passes. Drinks, such as sikhye (sweet rice drink) and peach iced tea, are available in the snack bar.


Gung, a VR café

Safety and enjoyment are both important!

VR café Gung Virtual is not a franchise, but a privately owned reality experience space located in Lafesta. Just like other VR experience centers, it is equipped with VR rollercoasters, racing, and more The VR roller coasters can cause dizziness and thus can only be used once per person. For safety reasons, the VR rollercoasters and racing games are only available for people who have a maximum height of 190 cm and weigh less than 80 kg. VR usage is not permitted to children seven years old or under or who have a small head.


Play Zone VR

A variety of content experiences can be enjoyed without moving from room to room

Play Zone VR, located near Ilsan Culture Park, is a VR experience space for enjoying a terrifying aerial experience as well as boxing, skiing, Viking ships, rhythm boxing, roller coasters, etc. You can enjoy more than 20 types of content in a designated large room without having to move from room to room for each game.

Fees are as follows: KRW 24,000 for 60 minutes per one room (for 2 people), and KRW 5,000 should be paid per additional person. The large room is available for KRW 50,000 for 80 minutes. Three out of six games (one pass is available for each game) can be experienced at KRW 7,000. Students only need to pay KRW 10,000 for the use of the games when they bring their student ID card on weekdays. Cafè Americano is served free of charge to soldiers or those whose birthday is on the day of the visit. The café, located in a spacious lobby, offers various drinks at KRW 2,000 to KRW 5,000.


VR Live Park

VR Jurassic Theme Park for exploring the age of dinosaurs

VR Live Park, located in KINTEX, is a “VR Jurassic Theme Park” designed to explore the age of the dinosaurs by walking, running, or using a safari vehicle. It features realistic interior structures that recreate the Jurassic period, AI dinosaurs, products of advanced technology, and diverse 4-D attraction devices such as craters and swamps. Through these, you can feel as if you were in the time of the dinosaurs. The VR Full-Body Motion Tracking System allows you to feed or touch the dinosaurs. In addition, you can enjoy VR shooting games shopping while waiting; refreshments are also available in the resting area.

Admission fees are as follows: KRW 8,000 for children aged 13 or under (KRW 10,000 on weekends) and KRW 10,000 for adults, including teens (KRW 13,000 on weekends). The free pass ticket costs KRW 20,000 for children and KRW 25,000 for adults on weekdays. On weekends, KRW 5,000 is added. There are also the “Big 3” and the “Big 5” for experiencing three and five types of content, respectively. For more information, visit the website (http://vr-livepark.com).