Moiin Group Develops Optical Fiber-Based Full-Body Motion Capture Technology for Virtual Reality

(주) 모인, 광섬유 기반 가상현실용 인체 모션캡처 기술 개발

Moiin (CEO: Ok Jae-yun) and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Director: Lee Byeong-gwon) jointly announced that they successfully developed an optical fiber-based 3-D motion capturing sensor system designed to accurately measure 3-D images in real time by means of a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor.

The FBG sensor is a sensor where materials with different refractive indices are uniformly etched on the optical fiber core with light at intervals of hundreds of nanometers (nm). It is mainly used to measure temperature changes and the torsion and deformation of buildings or airplane wings. According to Development Team, as the FBG sensor is manufactured in various structures that combine the shape, angle, and torsion of sensors, it can measure 3-D shapes, the bending angles of curvatures, torsion angles, etc. In other words, it helps implement precise movement such as the motion of finger joints as well as the joints of the human body.

Moiin has already supplied VR content to multiple local governments and companies and operates its own VR theme park called VR Live Park. The conventional motion-tracking technique requires the installation of optical cameras to track the users’ movements. It boasts of the highest accuracy among the existing techniques, but it cannot track the precise motion of  the subjects.

Along with high installation costs, recognition errors frequently occur due to overlapping space when multiple players simultaneously participate in the game. As a result, it becomes difficult to implement sufficient space and process data in a network game that features the simultaneous participation of multiple players in one space. In contrast, when the FBG sensor-based motion suite is used, the errors caused by overlapping space are resolved, allowing motion to be tracked more precisely.

Our optical fiber-based 3-D motion capturing sensor system assures the acquisition of faster and more accurate products, as well as more affordable installation costs than the conventional optical methods. In addition, it can be implemented outdoors regardless of the number of players. Korea’s leading VR company, Moiin, has secured this state-of-the-art original technology for virtual reality and will unveil it soon.

Ok Jae-yun, the CEO of Moiin, revealed his aspirations, stating: “We have been dedicated to developing simulation technology for years and will ceaselessly lead technical development to introduce the technology to different industries such as medical treatment, sports, robots, the military, and education, including the VR industry, in cooperation with the KIST. Moreover, we will continue to take corporate social responsibility to increase national competitiveness.”

This is why we are wondering about the future VR market that will open with Moiin’s optical fiber technology.