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The VR Jurassic Theme Park is the world’s first VR theme park that is based on full-body motion tracking technology, under the theme of dinosaurs. Moving beyond the limitations of the conventional VR technology—that is, simply watching images—this novel theme park allows you to walk, run, and ride a safari vehicle to explore the time of the dinosaurs vividly. It has implemented a variety of interactive functions so that you can touch and feed dinosaurs and even mutually feel threatened through eye contact. Come and enjoy this fantastic experience as if you were in the age of dinosaurs in this around 1,487-m2 VR Jurassic Theme Park. It will be built at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Ilsan City.

Features of Theme Park

Jurassic Theme Park

Come Back to the Age When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth!This novel theme park allows you to walk, run, and ride asafari vehicle to explore the time of the dinosaurs vividly.
You Must Run Away When Your Eyes Meet a Dinosaur’s!This interactive content uses the VRmotion-tracking system for mutual interaction.

War Game Theme Park

Real Shooting War Game!The application of our own technology allows users toenjoy a first-person shooter-type PvP content such as one-on-one or team-based shooting games.
VR Attraction Content for Whole Body Vibration!You can enjoy different types of content through the development of the Gas Blowback System and additional content.

Other Types of VR Content

A VR Rider for a More Thrilling Experience!The 360-degree rotating attraction allows you to go through a more realistic and exciting content.

VR Games Move Beyond the Limitations of a PC!Dedicated devices allow you to enjoy VR games by feeling a sense of more elaborate and detailed controls

Interactive Contents

Users can experience dinosaurs more dynamically through interactive functions that allow users to communicate or interact with dinosaurs.

Action Contents

Users can enjoy real activities, such as walking, running, touching, and riding a vehicle, rather than experiencing static activities.

AI Dinosaur

The dinosaurs are designed with artificial intelligence and can make various responses to each situation as if they were alive.

4D Simulator

To maximize the sense of reality for experiencing dinosaurs, a wide range of simulators are utilized such as a wind-generating system, a hot-air generating system, a water-spraying system, and a vibration system.

Dynamic Contents

Different types of dinosaur experience content are classified and designed to accommodate the different ages. Thus, users from all ages can enjoy the VR theme park.

Theme Park Location

The VR Jurassic Theme Park will be built in the Exhibition Hall C3 of Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Ilsan City. KINTEX is Korea’s largest international exhibition and convention venue that annually accommodates five million visitors. It features high accessibility because it takes an hour to get here from Seoul and its areas by car and public transportation such as the subway, bus, and KTX. It is also the perfect infrastructure for customer convenience.

Location: KINTEX Exhibition Center ⅡSize: Room with an area of 1,487 m2 (about 450 pyeong)