Equipment rental

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equipment rental

Rental Equipment business

Moiin’s new rental systems assure suppliers and purchasers of their rights, based on blockchain-applied safe billing systems. As a result, it is expected to bring great change to the sales systems built on the existing manufacturing. Moving beyond the simple equipment and machinery rental market, they can apply to diverse fields and are now recognized as innovative systems that will alter the existing manufacturing systems.

VR Simulator

The application to the VR dedicated simulators in the recently highlighted VR industry will reduce the supply price. This will subsequently lower the barrier to market entry, and thus more consumers will have an opportunity to use VR content at a more affordable price.

Office Equipment Rental

This is designed to systematically resolve the difficulty with debt recovery and thus improve the rights of suppliers and the convenience of consumers. In other words, it provides more convenient environments for both suppliers and consumers.

Home Appliances Rental

This will serve as the foundation for providing each customer with blockchain-based systems, along with better services, by figuring out customer needs more concretely and accurately.

Car Rental

The GPS-based position tracking system and the blockchain billing-applied payment method ensure the establishment of transparent and convenient car rental systems. This, consequently, can further satisfy both suppliers and consumers.