Software Technology

A broad variety of VR content

The following are about our self-developed high-tech VR games and content regarding education as well as disaster and safety experiences. Based on advanced motion sensors, we at Moiin had steadily developed content designed to provide diverse experiences and expanded the range of the content.

Jurassic Hunter

Jurassic Hunter is a VR multiplayer FPS game designed for four players wearing VR equipment and motion sensors wherein players fight for their lives as a team against attacking dinosaurs.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World is an adventure game designed for four players wearing VR equipment and motion sensors that allow players to directly meet the dinosaurs that ruled the earth and to experience the ecosystems.

Combat Field

Combat Field is a multiplayer FPS game that works with sensors and rifle controllers. It is designed to enable players to experience very realistic battlefields.


Guardians is a multi-defense game designed for players wearing VR equipment and motion sensors wherein players protect a crystal and fight off enemies.

Deep-Sea Expedition Leader

Deep-Sea Expedition Leader is a game for experiential education. It is designed for users wearing gesture recognition equipment that would allow them to explore the deep sea and meet a variety of marine life such as dolphins, turtles, and fishes.

Catch It

The Catch It series is a casual game for people of all ages to enjoy. Along with a depth camera, a beam projector is used to project characters in the games. Users can experience a variety of the series.

Fight Against the Fire

This content is for experiential education on how risky a fire is and how to respond to it. Users wearing VR equipment and motion sensors can learn how to suppress fire in its early stage when it breaks out using a fire extinguisher.

Mysterious Elevator

Mysterious Elevator is a VR attraction game designed for VR aerial experience that induces you to lose your balance in a dizzying location.